Student Support

We offer:

1. On-site social work services to provide different kinds of support for children, with regular children’s groups and parents’ talks.

2. On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services provided by Y Seeds Wellness Service to support children with special needs.

3. The “Non-Chinese Speaking Students Support Programme” to support NCS students’ Chinese learning and to develop a multi-cultural and inclusive environment.

4. An adaption period (last for a half-year, once a month) to prepare new students and their parents for the new school life mentally and physically before school starts, and to enable them to enjoy the fun of going to school.

5. A one-month adaptation period with simulation of primary school learning modes to help K3 students get familiar with and adapt to primary school life.

6. Talks held by professionals on campus to provide parents with useful parenting advice.

7. A range of extracurricular activities held outside of school hours to unleash children’s potential in different areas.